Unique in Europe, the Aero Delahaye airpark is a private aeronautical village located in Verchocq, in the Haut Pays d'Opale and close to tourist cities such as Le Touquet or Montreuil-sur-Mer.
It is one of a kind: in addition to having its own private runway, the aerodrome has prepared plots that you can buy and where you can have your ecological leisure home (made of wood) built.
Several activities await you at Aero Delahaye: swimming pool, sauna, tennis. For more information on these activities, click here.

Coming from all over Europe, the inhabitants, whether they are pilots or simply nature lovers, find themselves in this residential park which they have called "paradise".
Enthusiasts of aviation, motor sports, want a large garage to satisfy their passion, want nature and tranquility, cycling or walking; all like to meet in this residential park and often enjoy it with their families and friends.

This private aerodrome, a small paradise in the heart of a green setting, a unique concept reconciling family life and passion, will also allow you to discover the green and peaceful region that is the Haut Pays d'Opale.

If you are a pilot, and you would like to get a landing authorization from our private aerodrome (PPR/radio 123.5), click on this link to get this authorization.