Frequently asked questions

Discover a set of frequently asked questions / answers.

For everybody, discover a high-end residential leisure park unique in Europe.
Less than 2h30 from Paris, Brussels and London, you will find a holiday atmosphere in our airpark or aeronautical village with a private airfield, a restaurant, a club house, a relaxation area … and soon an indoor pool.
Motorsports enthusiasts, you can build a large garage that you will satisfy your passion.
Also discover the advantages of a timber house with contemporary design.

It’s two private tracks that allows an activity limited to home-owners in the Park and their guests, aviation classification platform Class G (Golf)

YES, you simply create a Societé Civile Immobilière, a SCI as called in France. It allows to buy by seveal individuals and manage the properties. The shareholders have shares in the company.

You can sent your eventual application-demands for this method, by mail to contact@aeor-delahaye.com

If you do not have any associate in sight or mind, we will try to put you in relationship with these other interested candidates .

YES, you can bring together several plots, situated side by side, to build your air-villa.

YES, the architect at our site offers 3 solutions. You ask him to care about and file your permit, or either you develop plans with his help based on your budget and make a call to your own constructor, or he cares to liver your air-villa, turn-key, depending on your desires and your budget, with guarantees.

NO, the regulations require wood, or a wood-siding covering a metal support structure.

NO, the regulations require wood, or a wood-siding covering a metal support structure.

NO, the parc’s own philosophy is to have a maximum of services for a minimum price.

This year, we pay around 65€ per month for all services as there are the general parc-maintenance, entrance, mowing the public and your private plot… as for wifi, insurance…